If Your Wrists Are Sore or Injured, This Non-Weight-Bearing Yoga Flow Is Calling Your Name


Workouts can be tough on your wrists. Whether they’re stressed from push-ups or long plank holds, injured, or fatigued from a day of typing or writing, sometimes your wrists just need a break.

If you want to take a load off your hands, try this 10-minute yoga flow from yoga instructor Shona Vertue. It’s wrist-friendly by not putting any weight on your wrists, while providing a solid workout and stretch session for your lower body. You barely even put your hands on the ground in this practice, and even when you do, in poses like Runner’s Lunge and Pyramid Pose, you don’t support your weight with them.

The result is a smooth sequence with the move-with-your-breath feeling of a Vinyasa flow, minus the tough poses that stress out your wrists. The focus is on strengthening and stretching your lower body — hips, hamstrings, quads — so roll out a mat (or find some comfy floor) and check out the full video above!

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